Sunday, November 05, 2006

PPW Character Development Workshop

Yesterday was Pikes Peak Writers' fall workshop, The Overnight Guest: Learning Your Character's Personality by Sue Viders and Becky Martinez. Along with Barb Nickless, PPW's Workshop Director, I organized this workshop. I was in charge of the Continental breakfast, so Friday, I shopped for pastries, fruit and paper goods, and spent the evening cutting up melon and washing grapes and strawberries. Everyone seemed to enjoy the breakfast, and the workshop itself. Sue and Becky make it interactive and fun and ended with a brain-storming game that got everyone laughing. Quite a few of the participants bought one of their books or the brainstorming card game.

For the exercises, I worked on defining the personality of my current protagonist's male love interest. I always have a harder time getting into my male characters' heads than my female characters. I learned a lot about good old Rob yesterday, things I hadn't known about him before!

This was the first workshop that Barb and I organized together. We are so pleased it was successful, and we even made a small profit. Much better than losing money! On to the next one...

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