Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Working on my Birthday

Last Saturday was my birthday, and I had a group signing event with the "Five Stars from Five Star" at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Centerra. It was a 2 hour drive away--so, I drove two hours, signed two hours, and drove two hours home. The other ladies bought a sheet cake that we cut up & served to customers to make the signing more festive. It was kind of fun being the "birthday girl" and having customers give me their best wishes.

That evening my son, who wants to be a pastry chef, cooked dinner: homemade crepes filled with a chicken, mushroom, and swiss cheese sauce, fresh asparagus, and for dessert, puff pastry tarts with a dark chocolate filling topped with fresh berries and a sauce of sour cream mixed with cassis. Yum!

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