Monday, July 06, 2009

Fishy Research

I'm in Brecken- ridge, Colorado for a week to celebrate the 4th up here with my family, sign some books (on the 4th), and do some research for my next manuscript. I plan to feature a fly fishing competition as a subplot in that story, so of course I needed to learn the basics of fly fishing. This morning I took a 2.5 hour lesson with a fly fishing guide from Breckenridge Outfitters. The attached photo is of me geared up in my waders next to the Blue River with a fly rod in my hands. I got a few nibbles but didn't manage to set the hook properly and bring in a fish (the sport is tougher than it seems!). I did hook my thumb, though. Ouch!

When I returned to the store with the guide, I found out that a young man interning there during the summer was on the USA Youth Fly Fishing Team. I asked if I could buy him lunch in return for picking his brain and got a wealth of information on how fly fishing tournaments are run and how one could cheat. Then, when I returned to our place in Breckenridge, my husband was chatting with our hot tub guy, who it turns out, is a fly fisherman. So, we made a date to continue my education later in the summer.

All of this, plus some books I bought at the store and some others that were recommended to me should make me able to write about fly fishing without sounding like an idiot. Who knows? I may wind up becoming "hooked" on the sport in more ways than one. ;)


Kirk Farber said...

Beth, what a blast. I've been wanting to learn how to fly fish for some time now. Can't wait to read what comes of it!

Holly Y said...

Hi Beth, growing up in Colorado I didn't ski, but I did know fly fishing. We always camped in the high country, far from crowds, and had our catch for dinner! I was never very good, but I love to walk along small streams, study the water for good "holes", cast a few times, move on. Oh, and besides hooking yourself -- easy to do, as you discovered -- fly fishing is fraught with knots. Looking forward to your next story!

Stephanie Merchant said...

Cute pun, Beth! Sounds like you had fun! What a great way to do research.