Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Second Author Blurb for Deadly Currents

My Midnight Ink editor and I are in the process of asking authors we admire and who write similar books to my new Rocky Mountain Adventure mystery series to read the manuscript for the first book in the series, Deadly Currents, to be released March 2011, to consider giving it a blurb. On April 9th at the Inkspot blog for Midnight Ink authors, I posted an article about how difficult it is to ask for blurbs and celebrated obtaining my first one from Margaret Coel, a friend and fellow Colorado mystery author.

Recently we received a second blurb from William Kent Krueger, whose Cork O'Connor series I really love. I'm absolutely floored by Kent's praise, given that I consider his writing to be some of the most beautiful I've read outside of the literary genre. For those who haven't yet become hooked on his series like I have, I hope you'll read one of his books and give it a try. Many thanks to Kent! Here's what he said, followed by Margaret's blurb. I hope their words spark an interest in Deadly Currents in your mind.

"Beauty abounds in Beth Groundwater's new novel. Beauty in the marvelous Colorado landscape, beauty in the symmetry of the story, and beauty in the language itself. Deadly Currents is a remarkable book by an author who clearly knows and loves her territory. Don't miss it!"
-- William Kent Krueger, author of the Cork O'Connor series

"If you’ve wondered what white water river rafting is all about, get ready for a wild plunge into Colorado’s Arkansas River with Mandy Tanner, river ranger extraordinaire and dauntless sleuth. Beth Groundwater gets the mountain town of Salida and its cast of river denizens just right. Hurray for Deadly Currents, a heart-racing debut to a new series with as many twists and turns and unexpected upsets as a ride through the rapids itself."
---Margaret Coel, author of The Silent Spirit

Two other authors whose writing I admire have agreed to read the manuscript, so please cross your fingers for me. I'd love to add their blurbs to these two.


Mason Canyon said...

Catchy blurbs. Sounds like a great book.

Thoughts in Progress

Carole said...

Very cool.

jenny milchman said...

Those are great blurbs, Beth--they almost tell a story of their own! I am very excited for your book, which sounds terrific...

Wait, have we spoken about your doing a Made It Moment for my blog? I'd love you to!

Donna Fletcher Crow said...

Congratulations, Beth! Great endorsements. I went whitewater rafting at the California Experience part of Disneyland last week for my grandson's 10th birthday. Does that count? Only after we were seated did they tell me that the person by the entry gets the wettest.

Beth Groundwater said...

Thanks for your comments, folks. Margaret and Kent did indeed craft blurbs that tell a story of their own. What I most like is that they focus on different aspects of the book, much like the old fable of the blind men describing an elephant.

And Donna, I love ALL kinds of water-based experiences, so I'd say the California Experience counts! My hubby, son, and I are planning a week's vacation in the hill country of Texas in June, and the Schlitterbahn water park and tubing on the Guadalupe River are on the list of planned activities!