Friday, March 01, 2013

$1.99 Kindle Sale for Wicked Eddies!!

No one told me this was coming or had happened, but I discovered recently that Amazon has the Kindle version of my Wicked Eddies mystery that was nominated for THE ROCKY award at the Left Coast Crime conference on sale for a measly $1.99. I have NO IDEA when the sale ends, but here's the link if folks want to take advantage of the deal:


Last time I looked, the sale had pushed me up the ranks of Kindle mystery authors to less than 300. I'm hoping to bust through 200, so if you could help out by buying a cheap copy of one my mystery books for less than many cups of coffee cost, I'd really appreciate it!

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L. C. Hayden said...

I'd buy one, Beth, but I already have it. But I will whole heartedly recommend it to anyone who hasn't read it. Congrats on the e-book sales! If you want to take advantage of the LCC e-book promo, let me know.