Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Star in the Five Star Catalog

I just discovered that my upcoming release, To Hell in a Handbasket, is a star attraction in my publisher's spring catalog! Here's the scoop.

My publisher, Five Star, is part of the Gale/Cengage Learning corporation and puts out a catalog every three months listing its hardcover titles. These catalogs are mailed to library systems throughout the US and distributed at library conferences. The April-June, 2009 catalog features the covers of eight books on its front cover: 3 mysteries, 3 romances (which they call "expressions"), 1 western, and 1 science fiction/fantasy. To Hell in a Handbasket is the featured mystery for May!

In addition, Five Star offers a menu of ordering plans to libraries, one of which is the Five Star Choice 2 plan, where the publisher selects two titles out of all of those they publish that month, in all genres, and sends those to the library. To Hell in a Handbasket is the Five Star Choice 2 title for May, which means it will automatically be included in that ordering plan as well as the Mystery 3 and 4 ordering plans. All of this should translate into more library sales for me.

I'm excited and very gratified that my publisher honored my writing by selecting To Hell in a Handbasket as a featured title. To see the catalog in a PDF file, go to:
Five Star Apr-Jun 09 catalog


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Congratulations! Nothing like a little added exposure...

L. Diane Wolfe

Sandra Parshall said...

Wonderful news, Beth! You deserve it. I wish you the best of luck with your new book.

Anonymous said...

That's a nicely designed catalog, too. Congratulations on being featured! I hope it helps bring deserved attention to your book!

Picks By Pat said...

Congratulations Beth!

Guess I'll have to add To Hell in A Handbasket to my ever growing list of books to read.

Bluestocking said...

Congrats Beth!!

One year later

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Exciting News! Congratulations!

Jane Kennedy Sutton