Monday, September 21, 2009

Sniplits -- An audio market for short fiction

Here's another repeat post from the past, with an update:

Many months ago, I submitted a short story to Anne Stuessy, editor and publisher for a new website called Sniplits. Her plan was to present short stories for sale in an audio format, for download onto MP3 devices. The website is now up and running and includes a wide variety of short fiction in many genres read by trained voice talent for only $.88 each. My story is "Covered Dish Casseroles," found under "C" under the "Stories" heading. I hope you enjoy the site!

Since this original blog post in May, 2008, I have sold another short story to Sniplits, a Christmas-related story titled, "Biscuit Connection," which is also available for only 88 cents. Some longer stories cost a little more on the site, but all are very reasonably priced. Almost 100 authors have contributed short stories in 16 different genre categories. Many of the authors, including me, have fan club pages at the site where readers can ask questions and find out more about us.

I encourage everyone to visit the site and find some great stories to listen to. For those of you who write short stories, this is a wonderful paying market. Check out the Author's Room there to find out when they are open for new submissions.


Sheila Deeth said...

Looks an excellent place to try to sell short stories. Thanks Beth.

Anne said...

Thanks, Beth! Anne S.