Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Good Review and Royalties

Kristen Howe at her Kristin's Book Jungle blog has posted another good review for A Real Basket Case. Please take a gander at her review of my book and others that she has read. I hope she reads To Hell in a Handbasket soon and lets her blog readers know what she thinks of that book, too. :)

Also, I just received my royalty statement from Five Star for January-June, 2009 and two checks (one for each Claire Hanover gift basket designer mystery novel). I was thrilled! I earned out my advance on To Hell in a Handbasket, which was released in mid-May, and got a nice check for additional royalties. A Real Basket Case is still selling and making money for me, too. I have the funds to go to the Malice Domestic conference next spring now. I want to say a big thank you to all my readers!


Maryann Miller said...

Good for you, Beth. Always nice to find out you've earned your advance and more.

Bob Sanchez said...

Good work, Beth. I know you've worked hard and are earning every penny. I hope your books really take off.

Bob Sanchez