Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Times at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference

My previous blog post listed my required activities at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, but in between those, I managed to sit in on a few sessions, such as Kelley Armstrong's pacing talk and Donald Maass's micro-tension talk, and socialize with writing buddies. Here's a few photos of the fun times.

The first photo shows me hosting a table at the Saturday banquet. Table mates included Barb Nickless, PPW VP of Programming, and Charlie Rush, one of the founders of PPW. The next photo shows me with three of my critique group writing buddies, M.B. Partlow, Barb Nickless and Robert Spiller. The third photo shows Ellen Phillips helping us play a joke on Robert--related to his obsession with black plastic bags. Don't ask! ;-)

The fourth photo is of the Sunday Morning Writing and Marketing Short Fiction panel, including Carol Hightshoe, Barb Nickless, R.T. Lawton, and myself. And the last photo is of Donald Maass, Todd Fahnestock, and Jodi Anderson "sashaying" across the stage at the Sunday brunch. Again, if you weren't there, don't ask! ;-)


BassmanCO said...


Thank you for posting these pictures. I am still hyped up from the conference (and having a hard time focusing on my day job).

Angela Giles Klocke said...

The "sashaying" was hilarious!

Stefania Dragomir said...

I was hoping someone captured the Triple Sashay moment! Thanks for posting!