Thursday, July 01, 2010

A festival, a signing, and moving a county line

How's that for a title? The weekend before last was hopping in Salida, Colorado because it was the weekend of the 62nd annual First in Boating on the Arkansas (FIBArk) festival in town. My husband and I drove out to Salida from Colorado Springs for three reasons that Friday: to scout out locations for the second book (Wicked Eddies) in my Rocky Mountain Outdoor Adventures mystery series, to spend the afternoon at the festival, then to conduct a signing at the Book Haven bookstore in downtown Salida.

I blogged in a companion post today at Inkspot about scouting out a location for my opening scene in Wicked Eddies, and I explain there why I am going to have to move a county line in the book to suit my purposes. I show photos there of where the dead body and other evidence will be.

Below are some photos of the FIBArk festival, which is great fun even for non-boaters. The last two photos are of the Book Haven storefront and of me having a nice chat over tea and cookies with the lovely owner, Lisa Marvel. Lisa has created a marvelous place in Salida for browsing new and used book titles, especially those related to Colorado, so if you visit the area I suggest you drop in.

PS. My husband took the photos both here and on the Inkspot blog. Isn't he a great photographer!?

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Unknown said...

Nice post over at ink spot. I love the pictures. Colorado is so beautiful.