Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tomorrow's Guest Blogger: Cricket McRae!

Tomorrow, fellow Midnight Ink mystery author Cricket McRae will be a guest on my blog. Cricket's interest in traditional colonial skills is reflected in her contemporary Home Crafting Mysteries. Set primarily in the Pacific Northwest, they feature everything from soap making to food preservation, spinning to cheese making. She currently resides in northern Colorado. So, as well as sharing a publisher with me, Cricket lives in my state. And I must say that there's no more mutually supportive group of mystery authors than those who live in Colorado!

Cricket's latest release is Something Borrowed, Something Bleu. For more information about her and her books, please visit her website. Cricket has agreed to answer some interview questions, and I'm sure you'll be intrigued by what she has to say. Then, feel free to ask her some questions of your own!

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