Friday, August 20, 2010

Two More Blurbs for Deadly Currents and Two More Authors to Thank

Two wonderful mystery/suspense authors whose writing I admire have graciously come through with blurbs for my upcoming March, 2011 release, Deadly Currents. Deadly Currents is the first book in my RM Outdoor Adventures mystery series starring whitewater river ranger Mandy Tanner. You can find out more about it at my website.

The first blurb is from Nancy Pickard, national bestselling author of The Scent of Rain and Lightning and The Virgin of Small Plains as well as many other award winning books. She said about Deadly Currents:

"An exciting ride from the very first chapter, with a courageous heroine in a fascinating line of work."

The second blurb is from Sandi Ault, award winning author of the Wild Mystery Series, including Wild Indigo, Wild Inferno, Wild Sorrow, and Wild Penance. She said about Deadly Currents:

"Beth Groundwater's Deadly Currents comes rushing at you from the first page like roiling whitewater, and culminates in a riveting climax that lives up to this book's name. If you like outdoor adventure and gripping characters, this one's a must-read."

I can't thank these two special women enough, and I hope my blog readers will check out their websites and read their books. You are in for quite a treat! Their blurbs are now posted on the home page of my website along with two from Margaret Coel and William Kent Krueger, two more of my favorite authors.


Maryann Miller said...

Congrats on the blurbs. It is always a thrill when another author endorses your work.

Kari Wainwright said...

Beth, you're the Energizer bunny of writing and marketing! You just keep going and going and going -- and getting better and better as both a writer and a marketer.

Beth Groundwater said...

Thanks, Maryann and Kari!