Monday, May 26, 2008

A Graduation Celebration

My writing life has been pushed to the back burner this past week with all the activities surrounding my son's high school graduation last Thursday. I've lost count of how many graduation parties he's attended over the past week! My daughter flew home from college (and goes back tomorrow to finish the spring term and take some summer classes), and my parents drove out from Virginia for the ceremony. After watching 352 (!) kids cross the stage, we went out to dinner at our favorite French/Continental restaurant nearby, Marigold. When the owner (who we know) stopped by to chat, my husband asked if she had any openings in the kitchen for my son, who wants to be a pastry chef. She said they just happened to be short one person because someone hadn't worked out, so my son is now one of their pastry prep cooks. It's an ideal summer job for him, and he couldn't be happier. Nor could we! My folks left this morning, so after we put my daughter on the plane tomorrow, life will resume some sense of normality.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Big Birthday for a Big Boy

Today is my son's eighteenth birthday, and we're celebrating with a big barbecue bash for thirty or so of his closest friends tonight. My "baby" is six feet tall and itching to be on his own in college this fall. It will be strange to have an empty nest when he leaves, but for now, I'm enjoying the milestones--birthday today and high school graduation next Thursday. He made it safely through prom night last weekend, crawling in the door at 7 am, so that was a relief!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sniplits -- An audio market for short fiction

Many months ago, I submitted a short story to Anne Stuessy, editor and publisher for a new website called Sniplits. Her plan was to present short stories for sale in an audio format, for download onto MP3 devices. The website is now up and running and includes a wide variety of short fiction in many genres read by trained voice talent for only $.88 each. My story is "Covered Dish Casseroles", found under "C" under the "Stories" heading. I hope you enjoy the site!