Saturday, March 29, 2014

Snowshoeing in Summit County

Here's a photo of my intrepid snowshoe group, the "Women With Altitude," from our 3 mile hike that we took this morning. I'm in front with a purple hat and blue fleece top and my black jacket around my waist. It was a warm, sunny day, so we were shucking layers as we went.We made a loop out of the Miners Creek Trail and the Frisco end of the Peaks Trail behind the Summit County Senior Center in Frisco, Colorado. The views were terrific, as was the weather!

Monday, March 03, 2014

Blog Changes

I just finished updating my reading list of blogs that I follow here at Blogger. I was saddened to see how many blogs had been shut down in the past year or so. They included blogs by mystery authors or groups of mystery authors, mystery review blogs, river rafting blogs, and more. I ended up deleting at least three dozen from my reading list!

That's not to say that blogging is dead. I'm still following at least three dozen blogs, which are still going strong with many readers. And, I'm sure there are some new blogs out there that I should be following. If you read my blog regularly, you know my interests. If you think there's a blog I should be following, please give me the link in a comment.

Now, on to changes for my blog. Like many bloggers who have been blogging for many years, keeping this blog going is becoming a real drag on my time, time that I'd rather spend doing other things. So, I will no longer be hosting mystery author guests here. Instead, I'm returning this blog to its original purpose, as an extension of my website. It will be personal, for those who want to know more about me and my interests. Unfortunately for my blog readers, though, I won't be posting as often as I have in the past (my goal was at least three posts a week). Now, I'll only post when I have something interesting to share. I hope you'll still stop by here occasionally to see what I've been up to.