Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another Big Review

I've been trolling the online bookstore websites, trying to find out if my book is available for preorder yet (it is at the publisher: Well, today I hit paydirt when I saw that Barnes and Noble had it up on their website, and they quoted the text of a review from Kirkus Review, which I didn't know about. That means two of the three big review publications thought enough of my book to review it. Most of the Kirkus review was plot summary, but the last line is: "A tense, exciting debut." I like tense. I like exciting. I'll take it!

For those of you on my email newsletter list, another newsletter is coming out soon, probably tomorrow. If you aren't on my list, you're missing out on the chance to win a great gift basket. The last recipient emailed me and said, "Thanks so much for the gift basket--it's awesome." I'm getting ready to pick another name VERY soon.

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