Saturday, October 06, 2007

My First Craft Fair Signing

Today I shared a table with Kathy Brandt, author of the underwater diving mystery series, at the Wilson United Methodist Church's annual craft fair. Many folks who stopped by our table were surprised that the actual authors who wrote the books were there in person to sign them. Who else were we supposed to be? Weren't the crafters behind their tables the one who had made their quilts, vases, soaps, statues, paintings, and what not?

Anyway, I was on my home turf, Wilson being my church, so the large majority of buyers were folks I knew. But I'm still immensely pleased with the result. I brought 15 books with me and sold out! Should have brought more... I had a good time catching up with Kathy on what's happening in her writing life, visiting with friends who stopped by, and buying a few craft items myself. All in all a pleasant way to pass a Saturday, and a nice first "outing" at a craft fair.

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