Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Rockrimmon Book Club Rocks!

This afternoon I had the great pleasure of visiting the Rockrimmon Book Club at the Rockrimmon Library Branch of the Pikes Peak Library District to discuss my book, A REAL BASKET CASE, which was their reading selection for this month. Boy, do they know how to make an author feel welcome! They had a cookies and lemonade snack table with tablecloth and paper goods that matched the colors of my book cover: pink, green, and yellow. And they'd already set up a signing table with my books on display. One of the members had driven around town to purchase gift certificates for establishments mentioned in my book--including the Broadmoor! --then bundled them with some yummy Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolates in a cute heart-motif gift basket. Their attention to detail was such that they even had two bottles of water waiting for me, one iced and one at room temperature, so I had my choice.

After a very short introductory talk by me, I opened the floor for questions, because I knew this group would have some great questions. The fifteen or so ladies kept me hopping for over an hour answering their wide-ranging questions from how I define my characters, to the process of getting an agent, to what an editor does, to how I plot, to which mystery authors I read, and even whether Leon appears in the sequel, TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET (he does). The time just flew, and I really enjoyed myself. Thank you, Rockrimmon Book Club!

Book club meetings are my all-time favorite promotion events. So, if you'd like me to talk to your book club either in person or over the phone, click on my website link, then on the "Contact Me" menu item.

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