Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Mystery Muse

After taking more than a month off from my writing work to travel in Europe with my hubby for 3 weeks and spend the 4th of July weekend in Breckenridge, I'm slowly chipping away at the work that accumulated while I was gone. So, here's my first blog entry in over a month. Ouch! I'll blog about the Europe trip very soon, I promise.

Mystery Muse is the blog section of the website for the Rocky Mountain chapter of the Mystery Writers of America, of which I am a member. Shortly before I left on my trip, I emailed a contribution to that blog to the website master. My contribution, titled "Answer to "How do I get published?"" was posted on July 5th. You can find it at:

I recommend the other member posts, too, especially "Plotting the Novel".

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