Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm in Wikipedia!

In early October, I looked up the Wikipedia article about the Agatha Awards (A REAL BASKET CASE was nominated for the 2007 Best First Novel Agatha Award) and noticed that I was the only author in my category who did not have my own Wikipedia page. So, I read up on how to create Wikipedia pages, thinking I would make one for myself, and was thoroughly flummoxed by the complicated directions. I did figure out how to submit a request asking that a page be written about me, however. Then, I sent an email to the author representative at my publisher suggesting that someone in their promotion department create Wikipedia pages for all their authors. The reply was that no one could take on that daunting task yet. So, I put the idea on a back burner.

Then today, I Googled my name and book title to check which online vendors were still offering it for sale, and voila, a couple of Wikipedia references were listed! I went to both pages and read them and was very impressed by the professional job the Wikipedia editor did in creating them. They were both created on October 18, so they're brand-spanking new, and must have been created in response to my request. I want to offer my deep appreciation to that Wikipedia editor and encourage my blog readers to check out the links below:


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