Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Good Review for A REAL BASKET CASE

I recently received an email from Linda Peri, who reviewed my first novel, A Real Basket Case for the Cañon City Daily Record newspaper on Friday, February 13. She graciously sent me a copy of the review. I had visited with the Florence, Colorado library book club in January to discuss the book with them, and Linda is a member. Here's some of the nice things she had to say in her review:

"Beth Groundwater is an author to watch. Her very first mystery, A Real Basket Case, was nominated for a prestigious Agatha Award in 2007 and she has more books in the pipeline. She is a charming lady who loves visiting book groups and discussing her own as well as other author’s books.

A Real Basket Case has all the elements of a cozy mystery. Claire, the gutsy amateur sleuth, ... lives in Colorado Springs. We feel the crisp, cool air as she strolls through the Garden of the Gods. We taste the fine cuisine when her friends brunch at the Broadmoor. We feel the suspense build as Claire and her tracker friend, Deb, follow a drug kingpin’s limousine through Old Colorado City and we smell the tangy Italian food as she questions him at lunch. There is something special about a novel that takes place in these familiar and well-loved local settings and we can look forward to her next mystery, To Hell in a Handbasket, that will be published in May."

Thanks so much, Linda!

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