Monday, May 11, 2009

Eighth Stop on the To Hell in a Handbasket Blog Book Tour

Today & tomorrow, I am discussing researching Colorado sheriff's offices at The Little Blog of Murder. Please stop by to read what I learned in the El Paso County Sheriff's Citizen Academy and ask me questions about researching local sheriff’s offices. And if you've had any interesting experiences with your local county sheriff’s office or police department, would you like to share?


Gutsy Living said...

I hear that Sheriff's often get interviewed by authors who are attempting to portray an "accurate," picture of the way things work in their office. Were they open to share?

Beth Groundwater said...

I've never had a problem with law enforcement officials being willing to talk to me. However, I make sure they know that I am prepared with a directed list of questions, that I already know the basics, that I won't take up more than an hour of their time, and that I'm willing to buy them lunch while we talk. In other words, I act like a professional who is respectful of their busy work lives and let them know that I'm not just on a "fishing trip" for interesting tales.