Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Golden Oldie: Hanging out on the Goodreads To-Read List

Here's my third "Golden Oldie with an update" post while I'm on vacation. About a year ago, I wrote:

I'm a member of the Goodreads social network where you can keep track of the books you read, review them, join groups to discuss books of different genres, and get recommendations of great reads from friends you make there. I really enjoy the community and have gotten some wonderful reading recommendations as a result.

I'm also happy to report that many Goodreads members have read my first book, A Real Basket Case, and enjoyed it. Its average rating is currently 3.8 out of 5. It's also hanging out on a number of members' to-read lists, 120 at last count. I recently looked at the all the books that also were sitting on 120 members' to-read lists and decided that A Real Basket Case was in some good company, including:

Last Scene Alive by Charlaine Harris
Red Lily by Nora Roberts
Exile by Richard North Patterson
Foul Play by Janet Evanovich
Thanks You, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse

If you're a book lover and aren't a member of Goodreads yet, you should be! If you join, be sure to befriend me there. And, please put A Real Basket Case on your to-read list, or if you've already read it, please add your review to the site.

Now, for an update. A Real Basket Case has about a 3.6 rating now, still holding strong with many more readers having rated it. Almost 300 people have read it or have it on their to-read list. The sequel, To Hell in a Handbasket, has a 4.2 reading and over 150 people have read it or have it on their to-read list. Also, when I ran a giveaway contest of Goodreads for To Hell in a Handbasket in May, almost 700 people entered.

I have over 1400 Goodreads friends, 37 who follow my very-infrequent reviews, and I have 18 "fans." (I'd sure like to have some more fans!) I'm still tracking my own reading on Goodreads and enjoying hanging out there.


Sheila Deeth said...

Just letting you know, my Mum's visiting from England and loves to read too, so I included your books in the ones I left around for her and she enjoyed them both.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder - I love Goodreads but have been neglecting the site lately. I need to get caught up posting book reviews pretty badly!

Beth Groundwater said...

Hi Sheila,
I'm so glad your Mum enjoyed reading my books, too!