Monday, December 20, 2010

Favorite Non-Books-Related Blogs

Today I want to share some of my favorite non-mystery-related blogs that I follow and to ask my blog readers to share theirs. We all could use a little more variety and spice in our lives, right? So, here goes.

Given that my son is studying to be a pastry chef, I have a natural interest in that area. So, one of the blogs I frequently check, for its humor, too, is Cake Wreaks, with photos of decorated cakes gone wrong, very wrong. It's always good for a laugh.

And being a chocoholic, how could I resist the yummy recipes posted by Janet Randolph on her Dying For Chocolate blog?

And what goes better with cake and chocolate than a good-tasting wine? At the Good Wine Under $20 blog, I find ideas for new inexpensive wines to sip and savor.

Not all of my interests outside of writing revolve around food and drink. I love to enter sweepstakes and get something for nothing, so I often check the local Colorado Springs Giveaways blog. If the daily contest is for something I'd like, I enter.

Then there's the blog that my niece who is an exchange student is Italy is maintaining, but that's for friends and family only.

So, what about you? Do you read or write any non-book-related blogs that you think I or my blog readers might like to follow? Post the links in a comment. Happy reading!


Leigh Sabey @ Colorado Springs Giveaways said...

A couple of my favorites:
The King Arthur Flour blog has great baking recipes!
As a young mom, I love the suggestions in this blog:

I just discovered your blog, Beth, because Wordpress notifies me when someone links to mine. Thanks for sharing my link with your readers :)

Beth Groundwater said...

You're welcome, Leigh! I admire your resourcefulness in digging up all those giveaways for us locals.