Friday, June 29, 2012

Do You Like Me?

Many of us are familiar with the Like button on Facebook, which you can press on a Page for a business, nonprofit, author, etc. to indicate your support of that entity. You can't "Like" personal profiles, however, and since I prefer to make friends with my readers versus have an impersonal Page on Facebook, you can't "Like" me there (though you can send me a friend request).

Amazon, however, picked up the idea of the Like button and has placed it on book and author pages on its site. So, you can "Like" me and my books on Amazon. How does that benefit you? Amazon will use your likes to recommend similar books to you, like my future releases, or other outdoor-oriented mysteries. How does it benefit me? First, it's an ego boost, and I can use all of those I can get. ;-) Second, if Amazon recommends other books of mine to you as a result of you using the Like button on one of my books or my author page, you might buy one of those recommended books.

So, I hope that my blog readers will Like me and my recent books on Amazon (and maybe even buy a few)! Here are the links:

Beth's Amazon author page

Wicked Eddies Amazon page

Deadly Currents Amazon page

A Real Basket Case Amazon page

To Hell in a Handbasket Amazon page


Jody said...

Liked! Done. I'm reading Wicked Eddies right now.

Writer Pat Newcombe said...

I will 'like' too! Congrats on all your books. What a busy bee!!

Unknown said...

I like ya, Beth! I pushed all your buttons a while ago.

Beth Groundwater said...

Thanks so much, Jody, Pat, and Sheila! Jody, I hope you enjoy WICKED EDDIES.