Friday, April 26, 2013

Colorado River is America's Most Endangered River

American Rivers recently designated the Colorado River as America's Most Endangered River of 2013. Please help protect it by taking action at their website! Also, watch the beautiful and disturbing video about the river on their home page. The Colorado River is so over subscribed with water rights that its waters have not reached the sea for many years (and Mexico has not received its fair share of the river's water for even longer!).

I've been an American Rivers supporter for many, many years, long before I started writing the RM Outdoor Adventure series featuring whitewater river ranger Mandy Tanner. I highly recommend supporting this conservation organization and their fight to preserve the Colorado River. The photo below of a rapid in Cataract Canyon in Utah was taken by my husband when we were on our research trip on the Colorado River for my upcoming mystery release, Fatal Descent.

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