Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Volunteering in Breckenridge, CO

Last Thursday, my husband and I volunteered to be Hole-in-One judges for Fatty's Golf Tournament at the Breckenridge Golf Course. Fatty's is a local Italian restaurant that hosts an annual fun golf tournament that benefits a local charity. This year, the beneficiary was the National Repertory Orchestra. Since the NRO Director of Marketing and Development knows us as steadfast supporters and volunteers, she asked if we would be willing to be judges. We were happy to oblige, and since many of the teams were dressing in costume, we decided to wear our Viking horn hats that we had decorated for Breckenridge's annual winter Ullr Festival (Ullr is the Norse god of snow). You can see us at our posts below.

Then last Saturday was Summit County's Make A Difference Day. We celebrate it early, because in October, we're likely to have snow that would get in the way of accomplishing outdoor projects. My husband and I volunteered to do some trail building work with the Friends of the Breckenridge Trails. We worked on adding a new section to the ZL Trail to connect it to the Galena Ditch Trail. The photo below shows me taking a break from wielding such tools as a McLeod, a Pulaski, and a shovel to create the new trail.

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