Monday, October 06, 2014

Hiking to CJ's Cabin

I've hiked from my home to CJ's Cabin on the Breckenridge Ski Mountain between Peaks 9 and 10, three times in last three weeks. It's about a 3 hour round-trip. Once was a scouting hike with my husband and a neighbor couple to make sure I knew where it was. The second time, a week later, I led six other members of my Women With Altitude hiking group up to the cabin. And the latest time was a few days ago with a neighbor friend after a snowfall the night before. Below are some photos of the last trip. I now feel qualified to lead this hike anytime!

The stream burbling down Lehman Trail on the return trip.

Notice the ice forming on the branches crossing the stream below.

The view across the valley, with fresh snow on the mountains.

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