Monday, July 17, 2006

A BIG Short Story Sale!

I signed a contract a couple of days ago with Wild Blue Yonder, the inflight magazine of Frontier Airlines, to publish a short story in their September/October issue!! With this sale, I've hit the BIG TIME for short stories, with more than 10 times the pay I've gotten for any other story and a huge potential readership, who will all read in my biography about my mystery novel coming out in March. :)

This same story appeared in the Kansas Writers Association's Words out of the Flatlands anthology. In that anthology, the story was titled "Global Domination," but the folks at Frontier wanted a less terrorism-related title, so it will be retitled "Power Play." It's a story about a mother who uses playing a game of Risk to resolve some issues in her family. I'm almost as excited about this as when I got my book contract!

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