Friday, July 28, 2006

Summer Slowdown

I now have three teenagers in the house, with my daughter home from college, and a French exchange student, who arrived last Saturday. Keeping them happy, healthy, fed, and (in the French student's case) entertained has REALLY cut into my writing time. Right now, I'm sitting very gingerly at the computer with a sunburned back, from taking six teenagers to Water World today. I have to admit I had fun, too, though. Love those water slides...

Still, I'm feeling very guilty about not touching my work-in-progress since before the Alaska trip. I did, however, review the edits on my Murder Cache short story for the Map of Murder Anthology. I answered the editor's questions, made a few more edits, and sent the story back. So, that's one writing task done. Summer is always this way for me, busy with the kids but guilt-tripping and feeling anxious that I'm not doing more writing. Sigh!

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