Sunday, August 13, 2006

Champagne, Chocolate and Casino Games

That was the title on the invitations to my 50th Birthday Party, which happened last Friday night. We had a Blackjack table in the living room, a Roulette table in the family room, and Poker and Pool tables in the basement. The garage was full of displaced furniture. I splurged on a caterer, who provided desserts and a bar with champagne, wine, beer and sparkling cider. Food was an International Cheese Board in the kitchen, a Gourmet Pastry Tray in the basement and a Chocolate Fountain with dipping goodies in the dining room. Boy, did that room smell good!

The invitation said formal, and I got a lot of phone calls beforehand, mostly from the men, asking what exactly that meant. Coloradoans aren't known for dressing up, and the men were leery that I was asking them to rent tuxes. No way! Coat and tie was enough, but the women had fun going all out with cocktail dresses and floor-length gowns. It was fun to see everyone all dolled up and complaining that their formal clothes had shrunk in the closet since they last wore them years ago. :) A great time was had by all, especially the Birthday girl.

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