Friday, August 18, 2006

Copy Edit Complete

I finished reviewing the copyedited manuscript of A Real Basket Case yesterday and mailed a 3-page file with my comments off to the Senior Content Project Editor at Five Star Publishing. I was amazed that I caught not only nits, but two "continuity" errors that had made it through previous edits by myself and the editor at Tekno Books. Both were due to making a change early in the book and not carrying it all the way through to a later reference. One was a disconnect on the clothing worn by a character and the other on what a character was carrying in her pockets. Can't have those things morphing on their own! As for nits, I'm sure I missed SOMETHING, but I really tried to comb through the words carefully since this will be my last chance to make changes. I even found a backward quote!

We put our French exchange student on a plane Wednesday and heard from his family yesterday that he made it home safely. With him gone, my youngest back in high school, and this copy-edit done, I can finally get back to work on my current manuscript, now stuck on page 47. I would really like to finish the first draft this year.

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