Monday, May 14, 2007

Festival of Mystery

In another of my reports on my VA/PA book tour, I want to gush about the Festival of Mystery in Oakmont, PA on Monday, May 6th. Mary Alice Gorman and Richard Goldman of the Mystery Lovers Bookshop really know how to put on an event! They hosted 52 mystery authors in the Greek Orthodox Social Hall from 4 - 9 PM and sold over 1200 books in that time. Richard was an amiable and efficient interviewer, as he chatted with all the authors in 5 minute shifts before a rapt audience. I've never seen so many avid mystery fans in one place. People stood in the checkout line with arm loads or canvas bags bulging with books.

And Mary Alice and Richard know how to treat authors. We had a lovely tea at the Oakmont Library with local librarians before the festival and a pizza, beer, and wine party at the store afterward, where the authors could relax and socialize. And what a thrill it was to be asked to autograph their bathroom wall, along with all the "big name" mystery authors. You know you've arrived on the mystery scene when your signature is on the bathroom wall at the Mystery Lovers Bookshop! I will definitely return for this event.

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