Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Local Bestseller and Praise from a Fan

I just found out that the Sunday, May 6th, issue of the Daily Camera, the Boulder, CO newspaper, listed A REAL BASKET CASE as the #6 local bestseller in hardcover. Must have been because of the "Mystery Through the Ages" signing at the High Crimes bookstore on April 24th, because a co-signer, Patricia Stoltey, was listed at #8. It's still a thrill to see my name on ANY bestseller list!

Also, Janet Cearley sent the following email recently:
"Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your book. I ordered it through our local Borders and when it came the book was bound upside down. You have no idea the sort of looks you get when you're seen reading a book upside down in public. I especially liked that the characters seemed so real. Rather than the perfect friends and family, they had flaws and traits that are all too human."

I'm glad Janet wasn't upset by her upside-down book. To thank her for alerting me and for her kind words, I sent her a signed bookplate. She'll have to decide which direction to place it in her book! I have found one upside-down bound book myself, and a Five Star author friend found three of hers bound that way. If anyone else runs into the problem, let me know, please. Though, it may be a bonus rather than a problem. Those books COULD become collectors' items. :)

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