Thursday, January 24, 2008

Awakening after an Editing Deadline

On Sunday, January 13th, Denise Dietz, my editor at Tekno Books, sent me my edited manuscript of TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET and her critique to review. She also sent a request for ancillary materials, including bio, cover copy, back cover quotes, catalog copy, headshot, etc. Usually, I've been given two weeks, maybe three, to respond to these requests from my regular editor or copy editor, and this was no exception. So, my butt's been in the chair a LOT these last two weeks.

I reread the whole manuscript, accepting Deni's changes, for the most part, and doing some tightening, esp. in areas she marked where the pacing slowed down. I also had to contact the Breckenridge Nordic Center, where I set a snowshoeing scene. I'd done the research for this book two and a half years ago, and in that time, some of the trails had changed and the center built a new shelter. That changed the timing on that scene some. Also, I asked the Undersheriff of the Summit County Sheriff's Department to review 27 pages for me and address some technical questions I had. And, I thought long and hard about the problems that Deni brought up in the manuscript and how I could solve them.

I finished preparing the written ancillary materials last night, and I finally finished all the changes to the manuscript this morning. My husband and I hope to get a good headshot when we visit Breckenridge this weekend, and I'm still waiting for the Undersheriff's feedback, but other than that, I'm done! Now, I've put my head up and realized there's laundry and shoppng to be done, PPW programs to be planned, a Left Coast Crime hospitality suite waiting for me to solicit food donations for, etc. etc. Back to reality!

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