Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Late Fall Newsletter and Website Updates

My website guru, my handsome husband, has made quite a few tweaks to my website in preparation for promoting the release of To Hell in a Handbasket next year. The covers of both A Real Basket Case and To Hell in a Handbasket now appear on the Books page and you can click on either one to go to its individual book page complete with reviews, excerpts, etc. Also, we’ve updated my Frequently Asked Questions page and made some minor updates on just about every page of the website. Click on "Beth's Web Page" under Links to see the changes. I think this update is going to cost me a bottle of single-malt scotch!

Also, we've been working on my October/November email newsletter. We've added all the new subscribers' email addresses and tested the links, so it should be sent out this evening. If you think you are on my subscriber list and don't see an email newsletter in your inbox by Monday, please sign up again on the Newsletter page of my website. My old newsletter service, Zinester, seems to have been blocked by some email providers, and those bounced addresses were deleted from my subscriber list. I'm now using Vertical Response, which seems to have much better luck getting through.


Jean Henry Mead said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Beth. I'm looking forward to not only the holiday but my blog tour next week. I'm looking forward to my stop here on Dec. 6 and your interview with my novel character, Dana Logan.

Jean Henry Mead said...

I also have a handsome guru husband who takes care of the computer problems I can't handle, which is a lot. :)

I look forward to my stop here on my blog book tour, December 6 and your interview with my mystery novel character, Dana Logan.