Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Moose Encounter

I've been so busy with my blog book tour that I haven't had the time to tell the story about my husband's and dog's encounter with a moose during our last stay at our second home in Breckenridge, CO. Here's the story about "one moose too many" in my husband's own words:

"On the way back from a late evening walk with Blackie we met a moose at *very* close range. It was near the drain culvert on the west side of Grandview, no moon was out, and my flashlight was off. At about ten feet away both animals snorted and I turned on the flashlight. Surprise! Blackie was on a short leash (~6') and I ran across the street into the trees on the south side of the stream -- pretty much dragging her.

Between the wind, the rushing water, and my heart pounding, I didn't hear what the moose did next but a minute later he was nowhere to been seen. Beth had come out of the house because she heard me screaming. She thought I was yelling that Blackie had fallen into the stream(!). Once inside the house we saw that Blackie's claw that represents a person's left thumb was askew and bleeding slightly. It may have gotten caught in the leash during our hasty retreat. It was okay overnight but we had the vet look at it."

The vet treated and bandaged Blackie's paw and gave us antibiotics and painkillers for her, and she's all healed up now. Wolves are moose's natural predators, so they will attack a dog if cornered by one. We are so glad that Blackie's only injury was due to my husband's hasty retreat rather than a moose-mauling!


Phoenix Rising Writers' Corner said...

Hope all is well with Blackie. I've never faced off with a moose. It sounds like a terrifying experience.


Doranna said...

Egads! Run away is right!


jrlindermuth said...

I'm glad Blackie (and your husband) survived the moose-mauling. Those big critters can get nasty.

Bob Sanchez said...

Scary stuff, Beth. I'm glad the dog is all right.

My wife and I were in the general neighborhood of Breckenridge today, riding through the rainy Rockies.

Bob Sanchez

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is good info for those of us who wouldn't know what to do if encountering a moose. I love those animals but forget they could really mess up somebody!

Bear said...

Aubrie Mindock was attacked by a moose while walking her dog Bailey August 3rd in Breckenridge. She was hiking on a trail under the snowflake chair that leads to the BOEC lake. Her injuries were horriffic and she barely survived the attack. Her dog luckly escaped unharmed. Please be careful when hiking. Be aware of moose at all times, for they are dangerous. Unfortunately Aubrie did not see the moose before it attacked her, for if she had the attack would not have happened. Be aware of your surroundings and do not hike at dusk or dawn. Aubrie was attacked at Dusk. It was such an awful thing for her to have to go through and now she fears hiking in Breck. The attack changed her forever but hopefully she will soon be able to overcome her fear of the woods once again, for she use to be fearless. Please be aware so you do not have to go through the same thing.

Beth Groundwater said...

Thanks so much for the warning! Neil now keeps the flashlight that he always carried while walking Blackie at night turned on & has decided the evening walks on Grandview should be toward Ski Hill Rd vs toward 4 o'clock run. We'll definitely stay off the trails at dusk & dawn.

Now, down here in CO Springs, the problem is a black bear mama and her 3 cubs that are roaming the housing area. If it's not one thing, it's another!