Monday, April 12, 2010

Saturday's Mountain of Authors Program

This past Saturday, I attended the Pikes Peak Library District's (PPLD) fourth annual Mountain of Authors program. What a great day! I arrived at 11 am to consign my books to the Friends of the Library sale then set up my display table for the Author Showcase Spotlight. Local authors, fiction and non-fiction, traditionally and self-published, ringed the large community meeting room.

After setting up, I took some photos of the library's planning committee, with whom I worked on planning the event, and some of the authors. The first photo shows me with Kevin Hudgins, a PPLD librarian who went to high school with my daughter. The second shows the lovely Becca and Krista, two more of the librarians on the planning committee, and the third shows the scrumptious lunch PPLD provided to the authors and the rest of the committee staff serving the food.

The next photo shows me with romantic mystery author Rod Summit, who appeared on the 2:30 pm Genre Fiction panel, and multi-genre author Karin Huxman, who most recently published two wonderful children's picture books and moderated the same panel. The next two photos are of local science fiction and fantasy authors: Carol Hightshoe, who also edits two ezines of fantasy fiction, The Lorelei Signal and Sorcerous Signals, and Laura Reeve, who writes the Major Ariane Kedros novels and graciously blurbed my SF novella, The Epsilon Eridani Alternative.

The seventh photo shows me with fellow mystery author Nancy Atherton, who writes the Aunt Dimity mystery series. Next I'm color-coordinated with fellow author Kirk Farber, showing off his debut novel, Postcards from a Dead Girl, and who is also a client of my literary agent, Sandra Bond. Kirk and Sandra both appeared on the 12:30 pm panel, Getting Your Book Published, along with Fulcrum Publishing editor Faith Marcoveccio. Last is a photo of Margaret Coel giving her keynote speech from 4-5 pm. Margaret thrilled me by mentioning in her talk that she had read the manuscript of my March, 2011 release, Deadly Currents, and enjoyed it. Thanks, Margaret!

Quite a few people attended this free local event to learn a little about publishing, meet local authors and buy a few of our books, and learn about local writing groups, Pikes Peak Writers and Pikes Peak Romance Writers. The day was capped off with a combination book signing and reception featuring sparkling cider, butterfly-topped cupcakes, and my favorite, chocolate-covered strawberries. PPLD really outdid themselves on this event. I wonder what they'll have in store for the local writing community for their fifth Mountain of Authors event next year?!


Jill said...

My goodness! Kudos to you for all the events and promotional work. Well done! Hope the events continue to be well attended... and that books sell, sell, sell!

Beth Groundwater said...

Thanks for your good wishes, Jill! In fact, because more books sold at my last couple events than I had planned for, I just placed an order with my publisher for more. Usually bookstores order my titles for signings, but with library and book club events, I often need to bring my own consignment copies.

Heather said...

Looks like a fun event! I always try to attend at least one day of the annual Wis Book Festival.