Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tomorrow's Guest Blogger: Shannon Baker!

Tomorrow, fellow Colorado author and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers member Shannon Baker will be a guest on my blog. Shannon has an MBA and is an accountant by trade, a mild-mannered career that some may even call boring. To compensate, she concocts thrillers, such as her 2010 debut, Ashes of the Red Heifer. The constant right brain/left brain conflict explains a lot about her personality. A lover of mountains, plains, deserts, oceans and rivers, she can often be found traipsing around outside.

Shannon will discuss "What Comes First, the Characters or Plot?" Come read what her interesting take is on this ages-old writing question. And tell us what you think!


Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Donnell Ann Bell said...

Shannon, so glad to hear you start with the concept. I usually get a germ. I can't imagine people who start with a character -- kind of like playing Barbie -- I suppose. And then they do this.... Red Heifer sounds wonderful. Looking forward to reading it.