Monday, November 29, 2010

Feeling Grateful, Part Two

Last Wednesday, I blogged about things I was grateful for in my writing life. That included reviewers, both professional and amateur, who have praised my writing. I'd like to acknowledge some of those recent reviewers here today. The following folks have been kind enough to post thoughtful reviews on Amazon for my first two Claire Hanover gift basket designer mystery. Thanks to you all!

For A Real Basket Case:

Maureen Mullis says "...I would absolutely recommend reading this book. And if you happen to live in Colorado Springs, as I do, you'll find plenty of familiar landmarks that will add to your enjoyment."

Giovanni Gelati says "...Beth Groundwater has a very clever debut novel here...."

For To Hell in a Handbasket:

Patricia Rockwell says "...There are numerous chases, gun fights, dead bodies, kidnappings, captures, and all sorts of excitement that, to me, suggest that this book would make a great action/adventure movie--or at least a television movie of the week...."

"Birchleaf" says "...TO HELL in a HANDBASKET is the best Cozy-Mystery I have read this year...."


Kaye George said...

You have some wonderful fans, Beth! I haven't read the whitewater book yet! Better get to it, eh?

Beth Groundwater said...

The whitewater book hasn't been published yet, Kaye. It's release date is March 8, 2011, and I can hardly wait!

Kaye George said...

OK, I'll make a note to look for it then. I've been hearing about it from the beginning, I guess, and figured it must be out by now. :)