Monday, August 15, 2011

A Fishy Role Model

The Groundwater family is all aflutter, celebrating a special winner. My husband's aunt, Lenore Groundwater, is a spry 93-year-old who still travels and loves to fish off her son Lance's fishing boat in Valdez, Alaska in the summers. She just landed a 16.5 pound silver salmon, winning the Valdez Women's Silver Salmon Derby and beating out probably 800 competitors. The photo below shows Lenore and Lance holding the winning fish.

Below is a link to a YouTube video of an interview with Lenore as she sat on the throne sporting the winner's tiara. You'll see why we all love her joie de vivre and her wicked sense of humor. Lenore's one of my role models. I hope I can live as long as she has and retain a great attitude like she has. Congratulations, Lenore!

Lenore Groundwater being crowned Queen of the Valdez Women's Silver Salmon Derby


Vickie said...

That is SO AWESOME! My Grandma Violet was a lot like your Aunt Lenore. It's how I want to be each and every day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this! Congrats to your Aunt Lenore on her win!


Alice Duncan said...

I think that's great, Beth! The fish and your hubby's aunt both look great, too :-)

Betty Sullivan La Pierre said...

Hi, Beth, Aunt Lenore is absolutely adorable. I enjoyed her interview so much....Please pass on my congratulations on her win. That was some fish!!

Beth Groundwater said...

Thanks for your comments, folks, and I'll pass on your praises to Aunt Lenore.