Monday, October 22, 2012

My Experience Serving on a Jury

For those of you who missed my posts in July about serving on a jury, those three articles are scheduled to appear again on Agatha Award-winning author Leslie Budewitz's blog, Law and Fiction, over the next three weeks. The first one, about my first day of jury service, will appear tomorrow, October 23rd. The second one, about the second day I served, will appear on Tuesday, October 30th. And the third, about my last day of service, will appear on Tuesday, November 6th. I hope you will read the articles and check out Leslie's very useful and informative blog.


Tea said...

Knock on wood. I've never served.....Will look forward to your posts about jury duty. Will you use experience for new mystery?:)

Unknown said...

So far I've never been picked. Seems like you are less likely to get picked if you have anyone in law enforcement in the family

Beth Groundwater said...

Hi Tea,
My whole LIFE is fodder for future mysteries, as I'm sure is the case for every mystery author. Every new experience goes into the gristmill, and who knows what could come out?

Yes, I think that's true, though in a small town, that may be hard to get away from. In my case, if someone knew someone in law enforcement or who was a lawyer, that led to more questioning about whether or not the potential juror thought they could still be impartial, given what/who they knew.