Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Today's Mystery Author Guest: Duffy Brown

As promised yesterday, fellow mystery author Duffy Brown is visiting my blog today. To read her bio and see her photo, please page down to yesterday's post.

The photo above is the cover for her October 2nd release, Iced Chiffon, which begins her new series, the Consignment Shop series. To pay for rehabbing the dilapidated Victorian house in Savannah, Georgia that she loves, Reagan Summerside opens the Prissy Fox consignment shop on the first floor, filling it with the remnants of her rich-wife wardrobe after her divorce. Reagan gets involved in the lives of her Savannah customers and neighbors and her vivacious Auntie KiKi who helps run the shop.

 After a gruesome discovery, murder and mayhem ensue at the consignment shop for Reagan's ex, his young blond cupcake and the badass attorney who screwed Reagan over in the divorce. The local gossip—and the sales—pick up, but the gossip fiends flooding Reagan’s shop will give her a lot more than just their unwanted clothes—they have information more precious than a vintage Louis Vuitton…

This sounds like a really fun series! Below is Duffy's guest article about Sleuthing and the BFF. Please feel free to tell us about your BFF or to ask Duffy a question in the comments. By doing so, you'll be entering Duffy's contest (details below)!

Sleuthing and the BFF…

 By Duffy Brown

It’s winter, a dark and stormy night, your car just broke down in the middle of nowhere and you forgot to recharge your cell phone. In the moonlight you see an old dilapidated farmhouse in the distance.

The question is… Who’s walking to that farmhouse with you?

Sherlock has Watson with him, Perot has Captain Hastings, Nancy Drew has boyfriend Ned, Stephanie Plum has Lula. Some sleuths even have a cat or dog. Sometimes they even talk. I wish my cats talked. Actually I wished they did the laundry and vacuumed but I digress.

Every sleuth has a BFF (Best Friend Forever) to chat with, get into trouble with, drink with.

On TV, Beckett has Rick Castle. The CSI people have each other kicking around and Lisbon has tea-drinking Patrick Jane in The Mentalist.

It’s not just solving the crime together that makes them BFFs but sharing their personal lives. In my opinion, it’s this personal touch that’s the most interesting part of the show or book. Don’t you love when Sherlock does something nice for Watson or Perot and Hastings take on the chase together?

That LuLa is a once-upon-a-time hooker makes for a great character, that Patrick Jane is hunting for Red John keeps us riveted, that Rick Castle is raising his teenage daughter and has his mother living with him gives a human touch to finding killers?

In my book, Iced Chiffon, protagonist Reagan Summerside has BFF Auntie KiKi. KiKi was once a roadie for Cher and spouts Cher-isms when giving sage advice.

When KiKi was born, the angels chanted cha-cha-cha over her crib and turned her into Savannah’s resident dancing teacher. There’s also the other Bruce Willis, a stray dog who takes up residence under Reagan’s porch.

Back to our dark and stormy night. We know the BFF our sleuths have at their sides when running for the creepy old house. Who would you have? When life goes right to hell in a handbasket, who do want at your side?

Thanks, Duffy, especially for that reference to To Hell in a Handbasket, my upcoming release! Remember, everyone, that Duffy Brown is running a contest for those who comment on her post here for an Iced Chiffon tote and T-shirt. Also, she will send a packet of Iced Chiffon goodies (pen, notepad, bookmark, magnet etc)  to anyone who asks for it. Fire away!


Unknown said...

There are plenty of times I wish I had a partner in crime but I quess it would have to be mt husband. Not too original but we have been together way too long. Thanks for the great post and I'll Look foward to Ms. Duffy'd new book as well as Beth's new book
Beth Lillis

Gayle Carline said...

If I was walking into danger, I might take my hubby or my BFF, but mostly, I'd like to take a weapon. A big one. Maybe a bazooka or something.

In my mysteries, I tried to get my main character to pair up with her BFF to solve the crime. Instead, she ended up with the anti-BFF, an annoying yet endearing man with Asperger's. Still not sure how that happened...

Mare said...

I have a wonderfully commonsensical, talented, intelligent friend with whom I would take on any dark and scary house or person. It could actually be fun!

Duffy Brown said...

Beth, I always thought if stuck on an island I'd want my husband with me. The may was genius in building. He's build us a boat and we'd be saved in no time. Yes, husbands are indeed BFF forever.

Duffy Brown said...

Hi, Gayle,
Great chatting with you.
Love the idea of anti-bff being the sidekick. Great idea. And a big weapon is always good. I think of Ghost Busters and those big guns they had. Looove GB!

Duffy Brown said...

Hi, Mare
You have a wonderful friend indeed if she'd go with you into a dangerous place and make it fun. Those the best friends ever! Our BFF stick with us through think and thin. Hugs

Carol B said...

59Several possibilities come to my mind for who I would want with me. Number 1 would probably be T, who always makes me laugh, and that would help me cope with life going to hell in a handbasket.

Duffy Brown said...

Hi, Carol
Laughing your way through a scary situation is a great idea and with a BFF at your side is perfect. Then you can do lunch afterwards. Life is so much better with a BFF at your side.

Kaye Killgore said...

I agree a crime-solving person needs a BFF, not only to help solve crimes, but to visit that sinful pie, cookie, etc. place down the block and to go shopping with to find that "hot" outfit, etc.

Beth Groundwater said...

Thanks for all your comments, folks, and please keep them coming!

As for me, I'm think I would bring one of writer friends and critique partners, PB Parlow, with me as my BFF. She has a wicked sense of humor, knows survival skills and has reams of patience from being a Girl Scout Leader, and she can kick butt like nobody's business. I'd also pick her for a battle partner in the zombie apocalypse!

MB said...

Beth, I'm terribly flattered. You know I'm one of the few people who would run toward the creepy house, probably humming the entire soundtrack to Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Personally, I'd have a hard time choosing between my friends Frieda and Gretchen. Both are mercilessly practical,smart, funny and fierce.

Great post. Great question to think about!


Duffy Brown said...

Lucky you. MB, to have two friends to keep you company! Most of mine would tell met they'd wait on the steps and good luck. LOL
My daughters would go with me...they're up for anything!

Duffy Brown said...

Thanks for a wonderful day chatting about BFFs. Nothing better than the person who is there for you and has your back.
Thanks, Beth, for inviting me to meet your wonderful readers.

anyone wanting an Iced Chiffon tote who's commented in this blog email me and I'll send you one.
Hugs, Duffy

Denise Zendel said...

For me it's my beloved, because he's a Renaisance man - he's smart, funny, handsome, he makes me laugh in the middle of the night, he cooks, plates beautifully, cleans up after himself, and can MacGuyver a solution to just about anything. Between him and my bff who's an attorney, I thin I'd be covered. dz87507 at gmail dot com.

Judy said...

I'd like a bff who, like Ethel Mertz, would stand by me like she did Lucy, but I'd like HIM to look like Pierce Brosnan and be smart as a mystery writer!

Susan said...

I'm heading for that farmhouse with my good friend Mary (often called Mary Marple for her sleuth skills!)

Duffy Brown said...

Hi, Denise.
Married to a Renaissance man! Lucky you. My hd was just like that...give the man a toothpick and a knife and he'd build you a bridge. LOL

Hi, Judy. Loooove Pierce. The Thomas Crown Affair is one of my fav movies!

Hi, Susan, that you have a friend who is also a sleuth is too much fun! Mine friends can't find anything! LOL

Duffy Brown said...

The winner of the copy of Iced Chiffon is:
Gayle Carline

Tote winners are:
Beth Lillis. Denise, Kayle.

Email with book or tote in the subj line.

anyone wanting Iced Chiffon goodies email me and I'll send off a packet

Wonderful chatting with you all. Have a great Sunday

Hugs, Duffy

Jeanine Elizalde said...

It would have to be my oldest daughter - she's absolutely fearless!