Monday, December 17, 2012

Two Free Book Contests on Goodreads

To share some holiday cheer with my readers, I'm hosting two book giveaway contests on Goodreads. One is open to all Goodreads members, and the other is a secret contest for a select few that requires a little extra work, so the odds of winning are MUCH higher.

Here's a link to the first contest for a free autographed copy of a trade paperback edition of To Hell in a Handbasket, the second book in my Claire Hanover gift basket designer series. Hurry, because this contest ends on December 21st!


Now for the second contest. To enter, you must not only be a Goodreads member, you must join my Q&A group there: Q&A with Beth Groundwater.

Then, as stated in the "Book Review Contest Instructions," topic, you need to post a review on one of my books on Goodreads.

Lastly, under the "Reviews from Group Members" topic in the group, post a link to your review. You can enter multiple times by posting a review for each one of my books. And if you've already reviewed one of my books, you can enter that old review, too.

To get the link for your review, click on the book in your "read" book list, then click on "My review" on the book's page, then copy the link that shows in your browser window when your review comes up. That's it! I'll accept entries in this second secret contest until December 31st.

If you have any questions about either contest, feel free to ask me here or in my Q&A group. And, if you want to share these contest with mystery-reading friends, feel free to tell them! Good luck!

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