Friday, February 22, 2013

Summit County Senior Winter Games

As those of you know who follow me on Facebook, I competed in four events of the Summit County 2013 50+ Open Winter Games. The Games offered many different kinds of winter sports events, including figure and speed skating, hockey puck shoot, nordic and alpine skiing, snowball throw, snowshoeing and a biathalon. I entered three alpine skiing events, the Giant Slalom, Rally Race (where you try to match a time), and the Obstacle Course, and I entered the Short Snowshoe Race (about 1 km). The photo below is of me primed for the snowshoe race.

The medal count for the Summit County Senior Winter Games is sky high, because they award gold, silver, and bronze for each event for men and women separately for every 5-year age group. It's like kindergarten! Anyway, I earned a medal in every event I entered. Gold for the Short Snowshoe Race, where I was the fastest woman OVERALL, silver for the Giant Slalom and Rally Race and bronze for the Obstacle Course (got to work on my backward skiing speed). The award ceremony/party was a lot of fun. The photo below is of me and my husband with our medals.

I will admit that I was also the youngest woman in the short snowshoe race. But there are some really athletic seniors in their 70s here that I huff and puff to keep up with on my summer hikes and winter snowshoe excursions. The oldest woman competing in the games is 86, and the only woman in her age category (85 - 89). She entered LOTS of events, and her neck was weighed down with gold medals by the end of the award ceremony. Gals like her are my role models! 


Kathleen said...

Congratulations - wish I had the courage and stamina to compete at something - but I'll stick to my reading and quilting and applaud others who can do it!!

Beth Groundwater said...

Thanks, Kathleen! And I admire you for your quilting talent. Sewing needles and I don't get along very well. ;-)