Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tomorrow's Guest: Deborah Sharp

Tomorrow, fellow Midnight Ink mystery author Deborah Sharp will guest on my blog. She answers my interview questions, and I'm sure you'll be intrigued and amused by what she has to say. Also, Deborah will run a contest for an autographed copy of the latest release in her comedic Mace Bauer mystery series, Mama Gets Trashed. She will choose the winner from among those who leave a comment.

A former USA Today reporter, Deborah Sharp traded sad news stories for funny fiction with her Mace Bauer Mysteries, featuring Mace's wacky Mama. Deborah rode a horse across Florida for one book. For another, she was interviewed by Al Roker on the Today show. She was a lot less nervous about the horse. Married to TV reporter Kerry Sanders, she lives in South Florida, where she spends her spare time chasing iguanas out of her hibiscus. Mama Gets Trashed is the series' fifth book. 

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