Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Mystery Lover's Gift Basket Recipe for Halloween Giving

Just in time for Halloween, I thought I'd share with my blog readers my gift basket designer character's (Claire Hanover) recipe for a mystery lover's gift basket.

Recipe for a Mystery Lover's Gift Basket

Color scheme: black, red, and either white or gray

Container: black-painted basket, bucket or box, with a lid or handle sticking up, from which you hang fake spider webbing

Stuffing: dried Spanish moss or red-dyed tissue paper, shreds, or wood shavings

- Mystery books such as those in the Claire Hanover gift basket designer series: A Real Basket Case, To Hell in a Handbasket, A Basket of Trouble
- CD of eerie music such as Mystery Movie Scores or Mystery Sound Effects
- Pocket-sized mystery party game or travel Clue game
- Movie DVD: Clue, Mousetrap, an Alfred Hitchcock or Sherlock Holmes movie, or a movie collection (such as Mystery Classics: 50 Movie Pack)
- Chocolate or bubble gum coins or other mystery-related chocolate shapes such as blood drops, knives, or guns (Chocolate Pen is a sample vendor)
- And a selection from the following list:
     -- Magnifying glass
     -- Pair of play handcuffs and/or sheriff's badge
     -- Rubber knife
     -- Glasses, nose, mustache disguise
     -- Spy Gear toys from Wild Planet
     -- Skull-shaped/logo item(s): tea-light candle holder, squeeze ball, notepad, drinking cup (see Oriental Trading's Halloween collection)
     -- Bottle of stage blood from a costume or makeup supply store, or make your own (see How To)

Do you have any more ideas for creative ingredients to add to a Mystery Lover's Gift Basket?

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