Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Exploring Colorado

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my home state of Colorado and I love setting my books in scenic locations within the state. Above is a photo of the Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs, which is featured in both the first and third mysteries in my Claire Hanover gift basket designer series, A Real Basket Case and A Basket of Trouble.

I encourage anyone who hasn't yet visited Colorado to do so, at the first opportunity! To whet your appetite, I'm going to share some vacation planning links below.

Colorado Ghost Towns

Colorado Creative Districts for the Arts (Including Salida, where Mandy Tanner, my whitewater river ranger sleuth lives. Her latest adventure is Fatal Descent, the third book in my RM Outdoor Adventures series.)

Top Places to Fish in Colorado 

Colorado Wineries and Scenic and Historic Byways

And if those don't whet your traveling appetite, take a look at this list of articles about traveling in Colorado!

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