Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Entered a Children's Book Contest

I just sent off my entry to the Women's Day/Scholastic children's book contest. I've had an idea for a children's picture book that I've been polishing for awhile now. But, if your name's not Madonna, it's awfully hard to sell a children's book these days. So, I thought this contest run by Women's Day might give my story a chance. The entry requirements were interesting: fold 8 sheets of paper in half and put them together into a 32 page pamplet, then handwrite the story on the 32 pages, leaving the first page for the title and your contact information. It was a good exercise that made you aware of the resulting layout and made you consider whether the text on each page created the opportunity for an interesting picture. Wish me luck! I'll find out how I did in January, 2007.

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