Sunday, June 11, 2006

Third Blurb

Margaret Coel, author of the Wind River Reservation mystery series, sent me a wonderful blurb for my book today and said she enjoyed it a lot. Wow! As Kathy Brandt said, "FANTASTIC NEWS about the blurb from Margaret. I've had people say when they are considering buying one of my books: 'Well, if Margaret Coel recommends it then it must be good' and they buy the book!" I sure hope Margaret's blurb has that effect for me.

I went to Kathy's launch party yesterday for Under Pressure, the fourth mystery in her underwater diving series, and brought her an ocean-relaxation-themed gift basket as a thank-you for all her help in my writing career. I enjoyed creating it: main color was blue, of course, and I included ocean-scented bath salts, a relaxation CD of ocean sounds, and a floating candle set with blue stones and blue candles. Fun! This is what makes gift basketry special, when you really know the recipient and pick a great theme you're sure they'll like.

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