Thursday, December 21, 2006

A blinding blizzard and a Farsi translation

What a title, huh? Denver and Colorado Springs are socked in, all roads closed due to a blizzard that arrived yesterday morning and 3000 people are stuck at the Denver airport. I went out in the storm in the morning to take my son to a doctor's appointment, and it was much worse coming home than it was going out. The driving was slow due mostly to poor visibility. My studded snow tires had no problem with the road surface, but I saw other vehicles spinning their wheels and going nowhere. I was glad I had no reason to go anywhere after that. This afternoon, though, we hope to drive to Breckenridge for a few days of skiing before returning home to celebrate Christmas. Hopefully by then most of the storm will have blown through and the roads will be plowed.

Now, the Farsi translation, you ask? My "Biscuit Connection" short story, which won the fall contest for Mom Writers Literary Magazine, is now up on their website, . It's a nice little holiday story, so if you have a chance, please read it. A few days after it appeared, I received an email request from a translator in Iran, asking for a photo and bio to appear with a Farsi translation of the story in the Iranian publication, Atiye, which means Future. Cool! This will be the first translation of one of my stories into a language other than English (that I know about). The translator will ask the publisher to mail me a copy or two of the magazine issue that will contain my story. I'll have a blast showing it to my writer friends!

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